Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Last year..around this time, our small group from the church (young professionals) gathered at Jomer’s place..discussing about a certain project we want to make…

And after several meetings..I remember KFC Buendia corner Pasong Tamo..It was such a very late meeting..it is where we finally coined the name
"Fishnets" - help them help themselves –as the name of the project.

It’s main purpose is to assist on educational needs of the poor family members of our church, those kids whose parents cannot afford to send them to school.

And again, after a lot of headaches and meetings and deliberation and decision making among the group and among the leaders of the church..I never thought that implementing would be that hard..I thik it is a lot easier to raise some funds rather than deliberate and approve of scholarships.

Well..past forward to one year…

Three of our scholars are graduating in High School this March…all of them girls..and our only gal will also end his special course (graphic designing) this January.

I know this wouldn’t be possible without the help of our church, our very few chosen sponsors..and of course without the LORD..who approved and who sustains this ministry…

Now…here’s the good news, our church is planning to adopt the ministry, and it will only not be an educational assistance, but it will also handle feeding ministries, livelihood projects and medical / dental missons ..It will acter to the Urban poor communities around Metro Manila..which the church has been doing naman na for years..I guess they would like it to be more organized lang yata..

I’m happy and excited…and yeah I look forward to it…naisip ko lang..I begged off from all the ministries that are being assign to me this year except this one..sabi ko sa kanila I have to hear from the Lord..and I guess I’m hearing from HIM now…

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  1. i always like and agree to this concept "help people help themselves." :)

    hi there rockzy!