Thursday, January 17, 2008

movie date-I AM LEGEND

Yesterday..all of us girls from the center had the chance of going out on a movie date, well hubby tagged he’s the only guy there..It was actually Irene who asked me last Monday-she actually made parinig that she wants to watch “Desperadas” so I said..sige sa Wednesday after office hour..

Come Wednesday afternoon, she called up and said “Ate Carmel wants to come to” and so I said sige if kaya na nya..remember Carmel has recently underwent a major operation..and then when at 7pm they texted me na and boy I was surprised to see Lerma and Dayday (Carmel’s sister) there too..and last, Grace texted me to wait for her coz she’d like to go din…ang saya!

We bought nalang food from Jollibee and ate na alng inside the movie house..and guess what? Irene got desperate..kasi walng Desperadas..hehe!
And to her dismay all of the movies being shown are English..and there being no more time to go to another moviehouse,we settled for I AM LEGEND by Will Smith..kaya nga napasama na talaga si hubby..he was supposed to wait for me lang but when he learned na yun ang papanoorin namin..he excitedly joined us na.

The movie was good..I enjoyed it,hubby liked it and I guess Carmel and grace enjoyed it too..ewan ko lang kay Irene,Lerma and Dayday…

And it has some good believing that inspite of a major disaster or problem..God still loves us and that He If we only listen..God has good plans..

It’s very seldom that I do watch movies on the big screen since I got married..I’ve been accustomed to watching movies in DVD and cable..dahil sa katipiran..hehe!

And it’s very rare that all of us girls in the Center go out on a date like that..:) so it’s one fine evening for all of us.


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  2. i have seen the movie even before it's playdate on big screens. my cousin had a pirated copy (hey, don't make sumbong to the authority). i went to visit my cousin nung bagong taon, and we watched I AM LEGEND. the movie was good at making my mind ask "ano kaya, sino kaya, san na kaya," but it was my cousin who was jumping all over the place to think it was her second time watching it. i guess my curiosity was a bit spoiled there. naagaw ng cousing ko yung excitement na dapat eh para sa 'kin. hehehehe! but it was good. :)