Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Birthday Month!

Yes, it's my birthday month :) birthday week actually as my birthday is on Saturday. I'm turning a year older again and hopefully a lot wiser.

I don't have any plans of celebrating (I guess when you get old, you do away with birthday plans and celebrations anymore) but my friend is inviting us over for a weekend gathering at their home, we might have a dip at the swimming pool in their clubhouse also. Swimming!! yes, it's very summer here already. Gone are the cold days. 

I notice also that as you age, you expect less and less about life or should I say, you now  know how to manage your expectations, am not expecting any gift from my husband because something came up in his office (not a good one) and it caused us a slight set back in our finances, I'm sure if not with the incident he will buy me a gift or maybe he could have bought for himself evh amplifiers at guitar center, but it's okay and I do understand. His love is one great gift and is more than enough already :)

And besides the love of my husband, I also have my family and friends-they are such a sweet blessing that money cannot buy. I can't afford to sulk and have pity party because I know I am blessed.

For sure it will be a happy happy birthday for me :)

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  1. I usually get a card from hubby. That's good enough for me. I to know I'm loved by him and that's all that matters.

    Have a fabulous birthday month. ♥♥♥