Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Filipinos and the Karaoke

I didn't know that a Filipino invented the  karaoke system. From what I read (on the internet) he fought a legal battle with a Japanese manufacturer for his invention and won it. He was also awarded the Gold Medal for Best Inventor in 1985. Wow :) Roberto del Rosario is the name.

Filipinos love to sing, from the bathroom to the parties and gatherings to the different singing competition around the country-all of them proves that singing is part of our culture. In fact, in most of the celebrations we have, you can always see a karaoke system and people sing to their heart's content. Though sometimes it's annoying specially when it is already late at night and the volume is still on it's peak..but oh well, Filipinos have learned to live with that too. I guess we're used to such since it is very common even in the neighborhood to hear people sing specially during celebrations, christmas parties, birthdays and the like.

In the province, we do that also, we rent karaoke machine and it's unlimited singing for everyone :) During my Tatay's 75th birthday  everyone of the guest sang including me and my siblings and my mom!! Such happy times.

yes, karaoke is very part of Filipino culture.


  1. I didn't know that karaoke was invented by a Filipino. Way cool. Something to be very proud of.

    I love karaoke too and I'd be singing (although not very well) right along with everyone else.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. I know many Filipino friends who sing well. I do sing along with others at a karaoke session but am too shy to sing by myself. :P