Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh my Saturday

I think I just had my most productive Saturday last weekend. Here's why..

Woke up before 8:00 AM-went to Bambang (Rizal Avenue,Manila) to canvas and buy some stuff for my boss, we were there until 11 AM.

Before 12 noon we are already on our way to RAON (Quiapo, Manila)  to buy things for my husband's project ( box/carrier for his guitar effects)

Around 1:30 PM we had lunch at the food plaza of Save More Sta Ana, Manila and waited for 2PM to finally meet a N@wie and close a transaction from our garage sale page :D Nice meeting you sis!

After that, we went to San Juan and brought the stuff I bought from Bambang to my boss' house. Oh yes, it's Saturday and I am working :D bait ko no? hehe!!!

We were home around past 3 in the afternoon. BUT WAIT, our day is not over yet...with all that lakad we made..I still have much energy (so unusual of me)..

So while the husband started on his project..I went down and did the laundry (I also washed my bags and shoes and slippers) I was done at around 6PM (bilis ko lang naman maglaba)

We had  a quick snack then we prepared ourselves na and went to church for our 6th day of prayer and fasting. We finished at around 9 PM, went straight to my sister's house to pick up Rachel (my niece) who will be sleeping over with us.

Finally home at around 11 PM. Was in bed before 2AM of Sunday.

Such a full Saturday no? Oh..if you think we had Sunday to rest, nope..because we woke up even earlier as it is church day :)

But I don't complain though..I am actually amazed of the energy I had these last few days. I think the supplements I am taking are already working :)


  1. Wow, that's a busy day indeed. I'm glad you got so much done and felt good doing it. That rocks, Rocks. Your supplements are working very well.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. good for you. hope you continue to be rejuvenated. have a pleasant week!