Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flexi time

Today is  supposed to be my 2nd day of suspension and I had plans already ( bonding with our godson and movie marathon in their house) but none of that materialized. I was asked to come to office today due to ..what else but work, work and work.

I don't know If I should feel happy about it or not. As I have said, I welcome the additional rest days with arms wide open. Let's see tomorrow if they will let me serve my 2nd day :D

And to think I will never have suspension again, yes you read it right! That's because I will never be LATE AGAIN :)

Now do you believe that? late..hehe! That's QUITE IMPOSSIBLE :)

But yes, will never be suspended again because they made my time flexible :D  So as long as I work with the required hours of work I'll be fine.

Thank you to my boss and to whoever lobbied this for me :)

I just hope I will still have my last 2 additional rest days :D


  1. looks like the day went well despite everything.

  2. They may well not do the rest of the days. If you have your time flexible now it won't matter. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. :)