Thursday, June 21, 2012

4 day work week

For three consecutive weeks which started this week  I'll be having one day off aside from weekend :) but that really is not a happy thing because I was suspended due to tardiness :(  Bad employee.

Oh well, I just have to welcome (with arms wide open) my additional rest day. And make sure I'll do not exceed from the allowable time (to be late) again. I wish there is a night shift in our office, I'll probably be in that shift and would love it to the max. I don't know why waking up early has been a Battlefield for me ever since ( way back early childhood).

Today is actually the first day of my suspension and I am thankful because I had time to go to Divisoria to buy lootbags for my godchild's birthday celebration this Saturday.

Wednesday next week will be my 2nd day and I am now planning where we can spend it. I'm thinking we can go visit the  National Museum since it is workweek and the museum is open. We've been planning to go there since last year and hopefully  this time it will push through :) keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Sorry you got suspended for being tardy. Some people are just not morning people and apparently that's you.

    Have a terrific day off. :)

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  3. Wednesday next week? How about spending time with me and your adorable godson? :)

    See you on Saturday! :)

  4. @J-mie- yes! that sounds good :) see you Saturday!

  5. uh oh, what have you done rocks. hehe

  6. ...tulog mode nlnang kung walang lakad ate.