Friday, June 15, 2012

4 guitars

in the house, yes, you read it right. My husband now keeps four kind of guitars,  ( Two electric, 1 acoustic and 1 bass) he owned two of them, an electric and the acoustic, the bass is the one that we used in the church (given to the band by a friend) and the other electric-that I do not know but it's been sitting in our house for months now.

I won't be surprised if someday our house will be full of musical instruments, drum set, flute (he owns one too!) keyboard or even Selmer Saxophones and violins. My husband breathe music :) and I am learning to live with it :D Have a blessed weekend everyone!


  1. Music is a wonderful way of communication. I'm happy for your husband to be surrounded by what he loves.

    Have a terrific weekend Rocks. :)

  2. Hi Rocks! My son is having guitar lessons and he wants to have an electric guitar because according to him, "The acoustic guitar we have now is boring:("....I guess he thinks electric is cool! anyway, I am hoping that he will use his musical abilities in the future as a form of ministry too, like your husband:-)
    God's blessings to you this week!