Friday, January 27, 2012

Small Business

God is good!

Our small business is thriving :) we have our first balloon work today,early this morning we finished 14 simple balloon centerpieces and later we will be making pillars. Hopefully, this year we'll have more time to focus, market the business for more clients and make this small business grow even slowly. This year we will also buy the electric balloon pump, we've been wanting to have that and I guess it's about time. The husband said it's 2,200 pesos and though it's not as costly as pool pump motors I still hope we can still look for a cheaper one.

Yesterday, I also received a call confirming the order of ref magnet souvenir for next week. Two blessings for this week! Thank you lord :)

So I'm all positive this year will be better for our small home based business. Don't you think so?

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