Monday, July 04, 2011

Prepaid Internet and Football Fan Now

Finally we have internet connection at home. And nope, I didn't subscribed to postpaid but decided instead to use the prepaid one. For now, I think this suit us as we don't need naman an internet 24/7. An hour or two just so I can check emails at home is fine with me. And I love the fact that I have no additional bill to pay every end of the month. That would mean, I can update more often now. Pictures will be uploaded on regular basis, well depends on how fast this prepaid internet works actually. I just hope it is fast enough for me to upload pictures in Facebook and in my blogs.
I am not much fan of football but I think I became one today. Saw the whole game of the first round of FIFA qualifier this afternoon (Philippine Azkals vs Sri Lanka's Brave Reds) and like the rest of the Filipinos, I am rejoicing for their win! Score is 4-0 and I think they are advancing on the 2nd round and will face Kuwait team next. I've learn a lot about football today, thanks to my friend J-mie (of for explaining how the game is played.

Football is indeed alive and kicking here in the Philippines, "we are a basketball nation but today we also became a football nation" heard that from the game commentator and I agree with him. Seeing the throng of fans in Rizal football stadium is enough proof. Tickets were sold out days before the game. How I wish tickets are cheap so that ordinary citizens (like us) could afford it,they can ask us to bring our own step stool to sit on if the seats are all taken if ever :)

Now, I have to know when and where will be their next game. Even if we will just watch for the live telecast, it is still nice to cheer for them. Finally..a football fan!!!

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