Wednesday, July 06, 2011


I am sick and tired of seeing those two words too often here in my office computer for few days now.

And along with those words follow this line " please contact your network administrator"

Duh. I need not contact him because I knew they blocked the "facebook" website in the office long time ago and that's pretty fine with me but what I don't get is that, since last week, all sites that has facebook plugins is being blocked too!

And even those sites I used officially. Officially means I only open it because I need it for my boss, say for example , he wants me to look for a certain restaurant in Makati, which branch is nearer and so forth and so on. Usually, I just click and presto I'll have all the information I need.

And now what? do they want me to go back to ancient times and use the yellow pages again? tsk..tsk.. So what's the point of paying the internet provider such huge monthly fee if we can't maximize it di ba? Why not use prepaid na lang if we are to use internet for e-mails lang.

Or isn't it possible for our "network administrator" to just blocked the facebook site or those particular website they don't want us to access while in the office?

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  1. Yep I so remember this while I was still working. It can be frustrating indeed.

    Have a terrific day. :)