Sunday, April 17, 2011


To say that I was busy the past few days is an overstatement because I was extremely busy. My last week's schedule was super hectic and last Friday my body started to feel it, I woke up with my head spinning and was throwing up but because I have a wedding the next day I refused to stay down and keep on moving.

Yesterday at the wedding, again tired is an understatement but I am happy of the result (not perfectly happy but satisfied) of the wedding. I love the table set up because it's how we (me & the bride) pictured it to be.

I wish again for the nth time to have a shift in career and pursue event coordination instead. At least if that happens it's not like I shifted from mechanical engineering careers to even coordination because my job now is somehow related with that field.

Back to the wedding yesterday, remember the canopy? It was far from being perfect but I tell you it turned out simple and beautiful. The bride loved it and that's what matters most.

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