Thursday, April 14, 2011

Garden Wedding on Saturday

A friend is getting hitched on Saturday. It’s a garden wedding happening in the middle of the city and I am hoping it would be beautiful and near perfect. (because no wedding is perfect) I’m quite tense though because I am the wedding coordinator and the pressure I put my self to make it beautiful is steep. I admit I am so hard on my self in events like this. As much as possible I don’t want the bride and groom to worry about anything on their wedding day.

I was with them even on day one of their planning and preparation. We started scouting wedding venues early last year, trying to look for a not so expensive but nice event venue which is not easy. We visited several hotels and ask for their wedding packages but we found hem, all too pricey and yet not too grand, none compared to wedding packages in vegas of course.

We roamed all over the city and the bride fell in love with the Paco Park in Manila so the wedding will be there. It’s quiet and it is not that expensive plus you can bring your own caterer which is a major thing for the bride and groom.

The DIY wedding canopy I posted weeks ago will be used there as well.

I love weddings and I wish to do more weddings for the coming year. I love reading about new wedding ideas and I love doing them.

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