Thursday, April 14, 2011

10th day of low carb high protein diet

I am about to finish the first phase of the low carb diet (yay for me!) but nope because I cheated :( I ate pasta and some prohibited food  (small amount though) on the 4th and 6th day but  never had rice meal since day 1.

4 more days and I'm off to phase 2 and I can now re introduce carb into my diet but small amount only  and oh I can eat fruits now! that I miss so much.

Changes I noticed :
1. Am not craving for rice anymore,
2. I feel full till lunch time while before I need to eat rice for breakfast because if I don't eat rice I feel hungry even before lunch time.
3. I think I feel lighter (I do not know If I lost some pounds -I have yet to weigh my self but I hope I lost even 2 pounds for two weeks would be great for me, slowly but surely. :)

Wish me luck again!!

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