Saturday, April 23, 2011

Leg cramps

I think I need compression stockings nurses use, you know those stockings that gives relief from muscle pain due to standing all day or all night. Even before the wedding I've been experiencing leg cramps and it was bad to the point that the husband will find me crying in the middle of the night and it worsen after the long week of church activity and the wedding.

Although it feels better now because of the many ointments and massages I still feel I need to do something about it. Especially now that I'm off again for a three day church activity (YOUTH CAMP) tomorrow. Oh bless me! I hope I need not be standing all day long for three days :( And even if I was assigned to be in charge of the games I really wish I could find time to rest as well.

Have not really been resting even if it was holiday here because I went home to the province and it was a long 5 hour drive and when you're home with all your nieces and nephews you don't get much rest right?

Anyways, April will soon be over and I wish May will not be as crazy as this month.

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