Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Day 2

of my low carb diet- I'm trying to do what I did before my wedding and I am hoping I'll be in my pre-wedding weight months from now, not for any thing but the main concern why I'm doing this is my health. I also would like to journal it here so someone can check and push me when I am failing :)

So yesterday was day 1 and here's what I had;

Breakfast -  boiled eggs /  hotdog
Lunch - fish / beef afritada
Snacks - Barbecue
Dinner - pork and egg

I also had green salad before the main dinner

I should not feel hungry while I'm doing this low carb diet so I'm eating a lot of proteins, I can't cheat on first three days ( said from the article I read) but I hope I won't cheat forever. I miss rice though :(

Today, at breakfast I had sausages and egg (again)
Lunch, vegetable soup, fish and a piece of chicken

Istill do not know what I will eat tonight for dinner but wish me luck because we're going to a friend's birthday dinner. I'm expecting a lot of foods and I hope I have something I can and allowed to eat there.

Goodbye for pastas and noodles and rice for now..but I'll see you in two weeks :) as I can re -introduce it again to my daily intake. And oh..the husband said I should do some physical exercise also while I'm on this.


  1. Good luck on your low carb diet. It works as I've done it several times over the years.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Thank you Sandee!! :)