Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting O.L.D.

Can't deny the fact that I am getting old. When we were in Singapore I notice how energetic the younger girls from the conference because they kept on walking and touring around in between breaks. I wish I had the same energy but truth be told I did not even have even the 10% of their energies at that moment. I get tired easily now a days, and I know I need the best supplements I can get to be at least healthy as I grow old. My cousin is a good example because she's 50 and yet she can walk double as I could, she has bone supplements, vitamin E, vitamin C and a lot more.

The only supplement I am taking is my Ferrous Sulfate tablets to which I should take daily but even that I often forget. How much more if I have to take all of those vitamins?

How about you? how do you deal with aging?Do you have vitamins also?

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  1. I'll be 60 in September and I feel great. I can walk and walk and walk. It's because I walk all the time and my body is used to it. Eating healthy and exercising everyday make a world of difference. I do take a vitamin every day too.

    Have a terrific day. :)