Thursday, December 09, 2010

laptops, monitors and Ipod

My husband is excited this Christmas because I promised him a gift he wanted so much, an iPod- but I've given him a certain budget and he is not to exceed with that. Thank God for Christmas bonus. I also wanted to buy something for my self, I've been looking for some notebooks and laptops particularly acer laptops because they're not too pricey compared to others but with us moving and a lot more priorities I will not be getting any for myself anymore.

And besides I don't need it yet, what we badly need is a new monitor because ours has been like a Christmas light in our room, most of the time it blinks and it is changing colors from red to green and blue. How can you work with such monitor? tsk..tsk..

So there, a new monitor for our  desktop computer and an iPod ( not necessarily brand new for the husband),  may God bless us with more extra income. 

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