Sunday, December 05, 2010

Jewelry Making

Did you know that I once tried the craft of making jewelries? but I humbly admitted that the thing is not for me so I've given up. Good thing I did not buy a lot of jewelry making supplies or else it will all go to waste. My first project was a very simple pair of earrings that anyone can finish at about 5 minutes or less but I think I finished that for 30 minutes. But I am proud of the outcome. IT is not stunningly beautiful but at least it looks like a pair of earrings naman.

I told my self, I'll just organize parties and pump balloons but never will I be successful in making jewelries.

So what I've learned about this? You have to love what you are doing for you to be good at it. I love balloon decors and other stuff and so I was able to self study about it.

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