Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Guess what? Thanksgiving is associated with the turkey right? It's just that I haven't tasted a turkey yet and I wonder how it taste like? We don't celebrate thanksgiving here and I heard that a turkey is expensive so that explains why I haven't had it in my whole existence. :)

So, how's your turkey going? err..your thanksgiving going? It's Black Friday tomorrow and I am sure everyone is excited about the sale!! Don't you think people are even more excited with the sale rather than the thanksgiving? I saw from the news that there is this lady camping outside a store so she'll be the first when the store opens on Black Friday.She's not

For my readers in the USA, I hope you are all enjoying your thanksgiving with your family. And not stressing about your turkey or the food you are going to prepare otherwise you'll need acne treatments after. Which I know you do not like, so just enjoy time with the loved ones!! I will do actually even if we don't have thanksgiving holiday. I'll be away tomorrow to spend a night with old girlfriends and visit my parents!

Again, happy thanksgiving!!

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  1. Turkey is yummy and mine is in the roaster cooking. I also have a spiral ham in the oven. I love Thanksgiving and never shop on Black Friday. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes.

    Have a terrific day. :)