Thursday, November 25, 2010

White or Tan?

Isn't it amazing, weird, funny or whatever you call this.. how us ladies and some men too are so beauty conscious?

And how dissatisfied we are for whatever we have? Say, Filipino women are generally brown in color and with all the advertisement in the media, most of us think that white is beautiful so we end up buying and trying every whitening lotion there is in the market, I've done that but I've given up. I have learned to accept my skin color and I am happy with it.

But I know also that some of white women from western countries thinks that our color (brown or tan) is beautiful thus they buy tan lotion or have tanning treatments and my golly I have friends from there who loved to expose their skin in the sun so they'll be tan, they do that usually when we go to beach while most of us Filipinos hide from the sun. :)

So what do you think is beautiful for you? White or tan?


  1. Both are beautiful. Just saying. Why is it that we want what we don't have?

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Yes Sandee? why do we always want what we do no have? :)