Monday, October 25, 2010

Camanhagay,San Sebastian,Samar

That's my husband's hometown, and after 9 years -he was finally given the opportunity to visit with me in tow. We grabbed Cebu Pacific seat sale and our airfare was only 158.00, that's for the two of us already. So I filed a 3 day leave of absence and spent 5 days in a very laid back place called Camanhagay.

The Tacloban airport

It was 30 minute away from the central terminal where we took a bus to Catbalogan. After two hours or so, we reached Camanhagay, but it was dark already.  The next day, we visited Rudolf's former teacher and the family who kinda adopted him for a period of time when he was young. It was nice meeting them :)

Then we went to his school and he said it looks almost the same when he was still here studying

The very same school calendar, he said :)

And this is the corner where we got off from the bus. I was able to take a picture on the day we are about to leave because it's daytime :)

And at last I was able to experience the haba-habal ride - which is a motorcyle that can ride at least 4 to 5 people.

Honestly, I enjoyed the simple, quiet, very laid back place of Camanhagay. Most of all, I enjoy the company of the hospitable people that welcomed us with their nicest smiles. Although this town needs progress in many aspects, I just hope people will not change.

I have more pictures but will have to post it on a separate post. I am very thankful for the very good vacation we had and hopefully we'll be back there again after three years.

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