Saturday, October 23, 2010

Long weekend. Brgy. Election

It's long weekend here in my part of the world. Barangay Election that's why.

And I know some are going home to their home town or provinces to vote but not me. I've been skipping election for twice now. Bad citizen you must say. I just don't see if it will worth the long trip back home not to mention the expenses. I'll do my voting duties someday when I have transferred my registration here to where I currently live.

So, do I have any plans for this long weekend? You want to guess? C'mon..I'm sure you know if you read from my previous posts the rants I have been doing :) But don't you worry I'm not gonna rant now.

I'm working (again) this weekend but I'll take it positively. I'll keep on repeating  to my self that at least the take home work will not be a burden to me anymore come Tuesday right? 

But before I begin working, of course I just want to share this site I saw-because I've been looking for some beauty products (I want to feel beautiful even if I already feel the "age". click here to see if there are products you might be interested too.

Wishing you a beautiful, fruitful and a happy weekend everyone!!

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