Sunday, September 19, 2010

Insure your gadgets

Last night, just in the corner of our street, a lady was walking when suddenly two men from motorcycle snatched her laptop from her. My brother in law saw it with and he shouted but it's too late. Last year, a very dear friend lost her iPhone too, two men also snatched the bag from her sister. Snatchers are everywhere. There is nowhere safe int his world and I know it's sad when things like that happen to you. They knew that those gadgets are expensive. So I think insuring those personal properties are a must now. Better be safe right? Or better yet make sure the warranty covers it. If I have to buy an ipad I'll make sure that ipad warranty is included. Not that I plan to buy soon but just thinking out loud, after all who wouldn't want to have one like this?

Especially now that Christmas is coming, hold-uppers and snatchers roam around the street, be very vigilant and observant when you are in a public transportation or if you are alone walking. Better yet, do not carry with you your expensive gadgets if you don't need them or carry it with a backpack, that way snatchers will find it hard to snatch from you.

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