Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trial Court experience

Today is somewhat eventful for me, well in terms of experience and work. 

I had my first ever court experience. And maybe it sound so shallow to most of you but hey it is big thing for me. I attended a hearing where there where two lawyers, a judge, some clerks, the stenographers, some more people and us.

I only know courts through movies, I only see lawyers defending their clients in movies and today I was there sitting in the front row listening while the hearing is on going.

And so, while I was there I took note (mentally) of some things. Here are what I have observed.

1. The lawyers that are examining the witnesses are speaking English and then someone from the court will translate it in Tagalog. I was just wondering why not ask the witness in Tagalog? After all, they are both Filipinos? (This was for the first few cases I got to listen) When it was our time, there was no need for the translator at all.

2. It was entirely different from the movies where lawyers and the judge speaks loud, I have to move my head nearer so I can hear what the judge is saying.

3. There are too many people losing their land titles (lol) the first three or four hearings before us are for all the re –issuance of land titles. (and most of the reason of the loss was due to flood)

4. I instantly wanted to learn how to write steno ( I even asked the ladies right after the hearing if how long does it take to learn that)

5. There was a practicing lawyer who looks like ninety years old already!!! And he represented an old man that aged 80 something.

6. And the last..It seems the lady clerk forgot the Bible, so the first two witnesses took their oath without it.

Anyways, I just wanted to record my first ever court experience. But I certainly don’t look forward spending more days there.

Have you ever been to court? How was your experience?


  1. I was a cop for 25 years so I was in court all the time. Testifying in one case or another. It is indeed an interesting place. Much like a chess game to me. The best player wins.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. :)