Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sick husband

My dear husband is sick and although it is just a flu, he still needs to rest. Good thing it's weekend and I am here at home. So I expect to fulfill some wifely duties this weekend. And what do you feed a husband that is down with a flu ( not with extenze side effects) a sigh of relief there, he don't need it..I swear. haha!

I fed him oranges last night after dinner. I baked fish (again) Please don't blame me because I discover that cooking everything in the oven is much easier so I tend to bake if I am to cook. lol
But tomorrow (oh..that's later) I'll prepare him a soup and a chicken for dinner. I hope he gets well soon. I hate doing household chores specially on a weekend when I should be resting. (bad me.. I know)

Nah.. I just want him to really get well so we can both have a normal weekend. :)

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