Saturday, September 11, 2010

Childhood life

I had a very happy childhood life. being the youngest in the family you may say I'm quite spoiled in terms of not doing  household chores because you have older siblings to do it. So I spent most of my childhood days playing outside the house. We had a big backyard then with big trees and a pond. And even without pond aerators , even without having landscape artist I can still remember how beautiful our backyard was. And I enjoyed playing there with the kids from my neighborhood. I so remember the big mango tree where we used to play hide and seek during evenings when the moon is out and shining.

And when I compare my childhood life with my nieces and nephews today, I do not know what to feel, yes back then we do not have computer games but we enjoyed playing outside, running around. Even kids in the province now don't even play much with other kids in the neighborhood anymore, most of them play in front of the PC, or most of them spent more time watching TV or playing video games or PSPs. 

I do not know though which is happier, mine or theirs. One thing I know for sure. I had a happy childhood life.

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