Sunday, September 05, 2010

Friend. Work. Thoughts

A dear friend just posted her farewell party from her office meaning she finally made it. We have been talking about her leaving the job where she enjoyed maybe a hefty paycheck, some free travel opportunities (she even went to as far as Paris) and good friends behind. And I can only imagine how hard it is to leave a job and then start anew.

And I pity my self for not being as tough as her.

I worry about not having the security of a monthly income.

I worry of not having a job and not having something to do also.

I worry of new challenges just in case I get a new job.

Sigh.. I am such a worrier.

But I will overcome all those worries someday soon I know. I'm stepping  forward one at a time.


Anyways, if you do have an impressive medical resume I guess you need not worry about not getting a job. Or if you are confident of your work experiences and you have that educational background and you are young and free..Go get that job that suits you.

I’m getting mine the soonest possible time I can.

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