Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I'm cooking!

I noticed I’ve been cooking since last week. I actually took notice of it last night. Although most of the foods I cook are only ordinary menus I am still amazed that I am cooking on ra egular basis now. So far I’ve tried Fried Chicken (the one I learned from Malaysia), Buttered Baguio beans, Sinigang na bangus, Fried dalagang bukid and sautéed mongo sprouts and baked Tilapya. Next week I will try to learn more menus, as of now I am enjoying being in the kitchen but I do not know how long will this last. For a girl like me who doesn’t even know how to cook rice, being in charge with the kitchen is something different.

I am now also dreaming of a bigger kitchen, a well organized spice rack, complete kitchen utensils and all. I would also love to have modern dining tables and chairs. I’m sure we will enjoy every dining moment. I just hope I’ll still enjoy cooking by then. Because you know it’s very tiring especially for someone like me.

Do you have any easy to cook recipes that I can try?


  1. My husband does all the cooking here. I'm a lucky gal. I just do the dishes. I like that arrangement very much.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. :)

  2. Hey! This is really nice to hear, or shall I say read. If only I knew I would drop by your place unannounced.

    I've added some easy-to-cook recipe on my blog. Just check them out and try them if you can. Will be adding more. :)