Thursday, August 05, 2010

Be inspired by Cinderella man

I never knew that a boxer named James Braddock existed until last night when we watched "Cinderella man" starring Russell Crowe who played as Braddock. And I must say this movie is one of the few movies that me and hubby enjoyed watching together. Hubby loves action movies those with stunts that jumped from high steel buildings to another and me on the other hand loves love story of course. But this one,(which by the way was released 2005, if I am not mistaken)  we both liked it.

I love how he inspired people back then during the great depression. And I love how he fought for his family's sake, for his kids, just to provide for the family. I was so touched by the scene where he went inside a lounge where people from the boxing world hang out and he asked for help so he'd be able to pay for their electricity bill because he wants his kids back home who was sent away by their mom  to her father's house. What a good father he was. He even took a low paying job and he didn't mind just so he can give food to his kids.

And of course, I love how his manager believed in him. If you are drowning and loosing battle left and right,isn't it something to have someone who believes in you? someone who'll say "you can do it!".

If you haven't watched it yet, go get a copy now and be inspired by Braddock!


  1. I've not heard of him until now either. I guess this is a must see movie.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. :)

  2. hi rocks! haven't watch cinderella man, i might go to video city just to get a copy because i love this genre of movie. we all need a dose of inspiration every once in a while, right? enjoy the weekend.