Friday, August 20, 2010

Few hundred pesos spared

Thank God our PC at home is now ok. For a while I was worried because we can't connect to the internet yesterday, I tried to trouble shoot last night but to no avail. This morning hubby sent me a message telling that it's already working fine.He surfed and opened multiple tabs and it's working just fine! Thank God that I do not need to spend another hundred pesos for the repair.

At this point in time, we do not need unnecessary expenses. As a matter of fact I need to save more for the birthday gift I so wanted to give my husband.Not that I want to just lavish or spoil him but because I know he needs it and he deserved it. Want to know what is it? see it  here.

And plus the fact that we are looking for that heat press machine for the printing business. We are hoping we could buy it before the year ends. And have a smoothly working small printing  business next year. We still need to do business registration and work on the tax bureau, order receipt printer  and a lot more paper works.

But I like it that we are working towards a goal. Short term maybe but still it still feels good. 

So yes, thank God for the few hundred pesos spared for the computer repair.

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