Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hi everyone! How’s your Saturday? Mine was a bit different because we participated in our hospital ministry but I am not going to write it here, I’ll scribble notes on my ministry blog if not later tonight probably tomorrow and will post pictures too.

You know what I just realized today? I’ll probably not get rich in this life, you know the kind of rich woman who has stored loads of money on her bank account, more than what she can spend or need, because I know I am going to donate it as long as I see someone who really needs it. Today, If only I have that much money, I have probably given most of it there in the hospital. And a car donation if I have a spare one is not too hard to do either.

Well, I knew a lot of people who generously donate to foundations and ministries. Even those who do not have enough still finds in their heart to give. And I know not all of them donate money. Our church is always a recipient of boxes of goodies (used clothes, toys, soaps, towels and many others) from people in the United Sates and we are so thankful for that.

In the USA, you can donate everything and still benefit from doing so, like if you donate car in Illinois or in any other state, you’ll get tax deduction from it plus the fact that you will be able to help a foundation or a charity. Doing good to someone, making a poor boy smile, giving some family a free meal, it’s priceless. The joy you get stays in your heart forever.

So if you want to donate, find some good charities, ask how you can help, if you have old clothes? You know there are people that do not have anything to wear except what is in them. If you want to know how to donate your car, you can always browse sites that offer something like it.

Don’t be afraid to lose something because eventually it will be replaced and most likely a much better one.

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