Saturday, May 01, 2010

Labor day

To all the working gals and guys out there

This is our day! And me thinks that I should not be working today right? It's actually holiday here on Monday..oops I know I just said it in my previous post, but aren't you amuse how our government are changing the actual dates for the holiday? 

Anyways, cheers to all who work their ass off just to have a decent living, cheers to those who leave the comfort of their bed every Monday morning to come to the very uncomfortable office, cheers to those who work till midnight and dawn and to those who work under the scorching heat of the short, cheers to all those who labor!! and cheers also to those who are not giving up seeking employment, your day will come too. And to those who labor in being such a bum all day,'s hard too so cheers to you also!!

I know we are all laborers in our own way in this world.

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