Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Are you gonna vote for this party list?

You may want to think twice:
Got this on my email and I think it is very informative so am sharing this to all of you :)
just a reminder..VOTE WISELY

Forward to people who care for the welfare of our country. Know more
about the party lists before you vote.

1. *Ang Galing Pinoy* – supposed to represent security guards, tricycle drivers and vendors but its first nominee is Mikey Arroyo

2. *1-Utak* – Angelo Reyes is supposed to represent the transport sector but he has been the drivers’ nemesis when he headed the Department of Energy. He often gave the impression that he was the “spokesperson” of the oil cartel in justifying oil price hikes

3. *1st Kabagis* – an Ilocano party-list group that claims to advocate for “widening the segments of economic development.” Jose Singson, Jr., brother of National Security Adviser Chavit Singson, is its second nominee

4. *Aangat Tayo (AT)* – identified by Akbayan Rep. Loretta Ann Rosales as one of the front organizations for the Arroyo Administration. President is Teddie Elson Rivera who is a PITC VP. PITC is a government-owned international trading company and was designated as the key agency in the implementation of GMA’s 10-point legacy, which includes the lowering of prices of essential medicines by 50% by 2010. Hmm, parang walang nangyari

5. *Abono Partylist* – claims to represent the agricultural sector. Its first two nominees are Robert Raymund Estrella and Franciso Ortega III, both hailing from prominent political clans allied with the administration. Its third nominee is Jacky Rowena Lomibao, wife of former PNP chief Arturo Lomibao

6. *Abot Tanaw* - first nominee is Gerwyn See, son-in-law of PAGCOR chair Efraim Genuino (see BIDA). Second nominee is Mario Cornista, chair of the board of directors of BIDA.

7. *Ahon Pinoy* – backed by Dante Ang, Sr (appointed by GMA as Chairman of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas and CEO of Manila Times) and nominee is his son, Dante Ang, Jr.

8. *Akbay Pinoy* – member of Sigaw ng Bayan. Was legally charged by Makati residents together with Sigaw ng Bayan for manufacturing signatures for the GMA administration’ s People’s Initiative

9. *Alliance of People’s Organizations (APO)* – first nominee is Arroyo ally and former Ilocos representative Salacnib Baterina

10. *Anak Mindanao* – was suspected to be a part of the dagdag bawas scheme. It was discovered that some precincts had more votes for party list groups than the actual number of votes cast and Anak Mindanao was one of those that received the highest number of votes

11. *Ang Kasangga* – claims to represent micro-entrepreneurs . Current representative is FG’s sister, Marilou Arroyo who withdrew her nomination but that only means some other Arroyo crony will replace her. Other nominees are Teodoro Haresco (PNOC board member) and Eugenio (ranked as one of the
top 100 stockholders in Fidelity Stock Transfers, Inc) Lacson, both of which are multimillionaires with links to the Arroyo Administration

12. *APOI* – first nominee is Major General Melchor Rosales, the administrator of the Office of Civil Defense and also a DILG undersecretary

14. *Association of Labor and Employees (ALE)* – supposed to represent workers but first nominee is Arroyo ally and Pampanga provincial board member Catalina Bagasin who owns a cargo forwarding company and second nominee is Erlinda de Leon, GMA’s first cousin who served as special
assistant to the President

15. *Babae Ka!* – too many ties to GMA. Was also a member of MELCHORA (Malayang Babae para sa Cha Cha at Reporma)

16. *BANTAY True Marcos Loyalists* – claims to represent security guards and barangay tanods but is led by Marcos supporter, Cherry Cobarrubias. Current representative is Ret. Gen. Jovito Palparan, accused of orchestrating numerous cases of extra-judicial killings during GMA’s reign and known as the “Butcher General” who, by the way, is running for Senator while nominee is his wife, Evangeline Palparan

17. *Batang Iwas Droga (BIDA)* – “brainchild” of Efraim Genuino, chair of PAGCOR. Nominees include his daughter, Sheryl Genuino-See and Special Prosecutor Dennis Villa-Ignacio, a nominee for the position of SC Chief Justice

18. *BIYAHENG PINOY* – An association of tricycle operators but is run by Arsenio Abalos, brother of former COMELEC chairman Benjamin Abalos

19. *Buhay* – nominees are father and son Mike and Rene Velarde. Supported GMA in the last elections

20. *Butil* – One of the winners in the last elections. Representative Benjamin Cruz co-authored House Bill 3339 which, if passed, “will destroy the domestic rice industry by allowing unfair competition with countries
with higher agricultural modernization and lower production costs – and displace some 2.4 million farmers”. This was recommended by a lobby group funded by USAID.

21. *KABAYAN* – claims to represent transport sector workers, farmers and fisherfolk, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, anticrime crusaders, and overseas Filipino workers, among others. Its nominees include Ron Salo, former subordinate of ex-Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita

22. *KAKUSA* – Chairman Emeritus is Romeo Jalosjos

23. *PACYAW* - claims to represent urban poor youth, has tourism assistant secretary Janet Rita Lazatin (member of LAKAS-CMD and hails from Pampanga) and former Los Angeles consul Reynaldo Pineda (based in Pampanga) as nominees

To find out more, google “bogus party lists”, “dubious party lists”, “Arroyo party lists”.

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