Tuesday, June 17, 2008

late blogging

yes, it's midnight and I'm still here, hoping and trying to get some opps and of course bloghopping to the max. Thanks Alex for fixing the internet in our very own room. :)

While bloghopping, my mind also wander to some serious thoughts of leaving my present job now, I told hubby about that yelling incident tis morning and I can say he's just so mad and told me again for the nth time to just quit and move on to what God has planned for us.

I am about to give up- I know, right now I'm already at the edge and I don't know if I could still wait till December comes. It's a shame that I don't wanna give up this job because of the finacial leeway it is giving me now, of course this is currently as they say the hardest times in the country so going out of work is such a crazy idea.

But then, obedience to God is better than anything else. I am very well aware of that.

I'm still afraid of not having cash to buy our basic necessities, of not having enough food on the table, of not ahving extra money to see a movie, to relax or to dine out. I have to admit that and with fear inside me I know I am going to trust my Lord even more and cling to HIS promises even more.

TRUSTING HIM is the key word here. I hope I can learn that soon before it's too late.

For the meantime I'm going to sleep muna.

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