Friday, February 01, 2008

Early Birthday Blues

6 days to go before my birthday..
and I don’t know what’s happening to me…because I usually don’t have issues about my birthdays..I used to wait for it with eager anticipation specially during our AGL days..because my birthday means one big celebration in the house..friends from Midway and AGL will plan about this weeks before..what to cook as pulutan, who will cook and what to drink…but life is different now..for one, I have long forgotten alcohol..and second I don’t live in AGL now.

so why am I having this kind of feeling?

Could it be because I’m again getting a year older and still no baby news yet? Not even a hint of conception or whatsoever?????

And everyone as in everybody that knows me and my husband keep on asking about us getting pregnant???

And every time my tummy aches..someone will baka buntis ka na? ”hindi po..medyo masama lang po talaga tiyan ko”…..

I’m turning 35 soon…Mom had me when she was 34..and I was the youngest in the family. My eldest sister had her first born when she was 34 and they have 2 kids now..

I love my life now..the turn around of things for me..from a life of no direction to a purpose driven life..God has indeed in control..and I’ve just got to re-assure my self with that.

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  1. hi rocks! same here, family and friends are too excited if i get pregnant but not yet. though i want to have a baby soon but we have other priorities in life at the moment. just hang in there. im sure there are good reasons why you didn't get pregnant yet. may you have a good day!