Thursday, January 31, 2008

Arnel Pineda's journey

I have never seen Arnel Pineda sing live..saw him in you tube and in different TV guestings but never on a live performance.

For those who do not know yet who Arnel Pineda is..he is now the lead singer of the famous "journey"..Open arms,faithfully..those are some of their songs..

I guess we Filipinos should be proud of him..Filipinos are very talented specially in music..and we keep on wowing the international audience..remember the girl who guested in Ellen De generes show last December? her was also discovered through youtube.

So last night, for his despedida party at Hard we went together with my hubby of course, how can he let it pass? Music is also in his blood..and truly he enjoyed it..and he became an instant fan of Arnel. I enjoyed it too..specially when he sang “Open Arms”. I was wondering..where is that voice coming from? Hubby said..from his hair.. he maybe small but he has powerful voice.

Siempre I have to thank my boss for the invitation..If it wasn’t free..I maybe think twice before going..hehe!

I just hope Arnel remains to be as humble as he is now..and hope the plan of bringing the Journey here come December will push through..I’m sure gonna be there.

Best wishes on your journey to stardom Arnel!! Kudos to you!

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