Monday, February 04, 2008

Early Birthday Gift

So I have reason not to feel sad about my upcoming birthday anymore. :) ang babaw ko no?

I just wanna thank Jomer for giving me this gift,"Happiness is relationships / Happiness is attitude" another book by Ed Lapiz..He gave me one last Christmas too (Why the woman laugh?) and it was very inspiring.

I am not expecting gifts of course..and not this I was deeply touched by Jomer's gesture. Simple things like this when you know it was really meant for you gives you lots of smiles.

months before, I often make parinig to hubby about my birthday..And I know he has plans of us going out after the Prayer meeting..and he was excited about it..but not anymore.We did not expected an extra expense for this month..somethign came up and we ran out of money na, plus we still have to pay for the motorcycle and the registration..sad yeah..but it's even sad when you know he desire so much to make my birthday extra special but he can't do anything. I told him, it's okay, we can go out next time and have a late celebration for the two of us


  1. hello!

    simple gifts become priceless to grateful hearts.

    'di mababaw happiness mo friendship, nabiyayaan ka lang ng mapag-salamat na puso.

    :D ayabyu! :P

  2. Advance Happy Birthday! May you have a memorable birthday spent with people who matter most in your heart.

    I was browsing Technorati and chanced upon this post. Thanks for linking me. I will add you to mine.

    Take care.

  3. Happy Birthday my friend! God bless you always and may your faith in Him be a constant source of inspiration. take care always