Wednesday, October 31, 2007

remembering all saints day

we're going home tonight..I mean we're all going to our home province.. because it's all saints day..nothing special really,now that we're all grown up..we don't go to cemeteries we used to when we were still kids..

I remember..all of my mom's siblings and thier families used to go to our house every all saints it's kinda family reunion na rin..we as small kids always look forward to it..seeing all our cousins and enjoying lots and lots of foods..native delicacies,..I remember the biko and inangit and suman...Tita Necy's family was always the first to arrive sa house..and they are a big it's really magulo and masaya..they now reside in Chicago and it's been quite sometime since the last time I saw them..miss my wacky cousins..
Nanay Huling's family arrive on the afternoon palagi..or sometimes during lunchtime..and we all proceed to cemetery in the afternoon, we light candles and offer flowers and then afterwards collect remaining candles and make it into some sort of a candle ball...sometimes when it's late na and there are few people na lang sa sementeryo, we even get flowers from other's tomb and then put it into our lolo and lola's grave..:) and then we'll whisper" sorry lolo..wala naman na sila eh.." haay!....those childhood kalokohan of us..kaka miss din..

In the evening, we go from house to house..I remember we have a kinda holloween song..and we sing that in front of our neighboors houses..they in turn give us some more rice cakes..hehe!

I don't know if it's still being practice in the province...but I hope traditions like that still exist..Filipinos are rich in culture and traditions..sadly though that some of those are vanishing in exchange of new technologies, kids now a days enjoy being in the computer and Tv rather than play outside with other kids..sigh..

so tonight, mom and dad will be surprise..they do not know we're all going home eh..akala nila it's only me and my husband..I can't imagine how happy they will be to see us all including baby Yuri in front of our house..:)

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