Monday, October 22, 2007

The "RAVE" Concert

So it is over..finally

Rudolf picked me up at around 5:30 that Friday night and then we went staright na to Makati Park..there were few people na rin,we arrived just in time when the team is about to pray..pero super silent lang ako..don't have a role there naman din so I went to the audience seat and then prepared the video cam..that's why i was take videos of the event for our personal file..

I asked him pa rin how is he doing and he said he's ok..

But really, I cannot fathom the fact that they'll play and sing without them (the band) speaking..but there they goes..and they did it well ha?

The concert started mga 7 pm na yata..and there were lots of young people..Praise God for that..and though there were many christians na rin sa audience..amazing pa rin how God works through it I often say pag may gawain..who can say what the outcome will be? it's only HIM. and I just can't praise HIM enough for the souls..

They sang in the middle of the concert na after few bands and performers...i think they did good naman..inspite of.. they sang 4 songs muna..The time has come, One way, All day and My life song sing of the casting crowns.

and Ysabella, daughter of Ms. Kuh Ledesma pala made a testimony on how God changed her heart.. and there was also an artist form House of Praise..sorry I lost her name..other performers includes Gising Kabataan, very high ang energy nila..the STAIRS- modern and interpretative dance yata ginawa nila..and the TENT of PRAISE at ang Great Redeemer Band.

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