Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stress Overload

Because I think I have too much on my hand right now. 

Putting up that small food business (even how small it is) is eating up a lot of our time and energy. Not that I am complaining because I know we need to do that but my body is already giving up. 

This year, I’ve pushed myself so far, beyond its limit I guess and now I need to stop and rest and recuperate. 

I had my CBC (Complete Blood Count) done last Friday because I’ve been feeling so weak , I know something is wrong- and knowing that I have history of severe anemia, I had to do that test. Got the result yesterday and I was right, everything looks bad (though I have yet to consult a doctor-to which I am always postponing because of schedules and money concerns..sigh ) 

My RBC (Red Blood cells) significantly went down, as well as my hemoglobin and hematocrit. My WBC (White blood cells) is quite high which is also very unusual. 

I know I have to do something about this because I need energy to do all the things that I do. You know, I say this often “I can’t get sick” but to not get sick I need to rest and take care of myself better. But how oh how can I rest? Even my weekends are not free anymore :(


  1. Sounds like Rocks needs some Rocks time. Feeling rundown is not good and the doctor should have a fix for that.

    Have a terrific day and take care of you. ♥♥♥

    1. yes Sandee, that is what I need now, some Rocks time and rest :) Thanks!!