Monday, September 16, 2013

May God bless the Philippines

There is so much going on here in the Philippines.

The Habagat flood in August, where most of the agricultural land in the North were greatly affected, houses a in some regions were devastated and most of there were lives lost.

This September- the conflict in Zamboanga City (part of Mindanao), the rebels have hostages and they are using them as human shields, it's been 8 days and we still do not know when it is going to be over. They were burning houses and there are civilians casualties.

And the never ending CORRUPTION issues in the government, today the 10 Billion Peso scam is making news as the case will now be finally filed at the Ombudsman against three Senators ( I just hope that it will not just end in filing but there will be convictions soon)

May God bless the Philippines.

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  1. Yes, my God bless the Philippines.

    Have a blessed day and week my friend. :)