Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A total sacrifce

*guest post from a friend* 

Hubby is sick but he tried his very best to ignore it co's he can't afford to be home knowing there are people in our new house working, he just need to be there checking them and does errands for them too. I on the other hand is the cook, planning of what to cook is a hard job too specially thinking of what to cook next.
 It is still very early to go to bed but I'm already ready to close my eyes.

There are four people working at our house, they were there for two days already.  All I thought it would only takes two days to do things there but I was very wrong co's I don't think they'll be able to finish it in a week. My problem now is my budget is only for two days. I really don't know what to do now... should I stop them or try to stretch the money we have so that they'll be able to finish it. Sigh!

We still have issues with regards with the water pipes with the bathroom upstairs and downstairs, they have many leaks... so frustrating. We cannot use it, not even the kitchen sink. I do the washing outside with all our neighbors to see. How I wish we have a hose master metal hose I can use so that I won't be washing the dishes under the blazing sun.
Honestly having an owned house is a total sacrifice indeed!


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  1. There is so much upkeep on a home. I'm so sorry that this is going over budget so quickly. Usually does though.

    Have a terrific day. ☺