Friday, October 05, 2012

Reel Time : Batang Halau

That is my husband and that picture was taken in Malaysia. Looks like here in the Philippines lang no? well, for one Malaysia is also a tropical country like ours. 

But what he's doing there? He was teaching a bunch of kids (Filipino roots - born in Malaysia BUT no Citizenship kids). 

I was reminded of them again because of the documentary about them that was recently shown in GMA News TV 11 "BATANG HALAU"( if you missed it there will be a replay on Saturday, October 6, 12 noon at the same station  )

From the documentary, I saw the very kids we ministered too when we went there last 2010. And the printed uniforms which was one of our major projects there. I hope we can visit these kids once again someday soon.

Nothing much has changed, they still need a lot of help ( both from the Malaysian and Philippine government) Most of the kids doesn't know how to read or write, our Pastor Missionary who is now staying there is teaching them. They have no proper classroom and classroom desks. See the picture above? they use a table as a board. I really hope and pray they can get a lot of help through the documentary.

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