Monday, May 28, 2012

Wedding Souvenir

I attended a wedding of a relative over the weekend to which we needed to travel for four hours from here to my home in the province and then roughly forty five minutes to the wedding venue. It's all because I love my Tatay (dad) and that he promised his cousin that we we will all go home for the wedding and so we did.

 And as a thank you gift, we were given this wedding favor ( that's what I got for my almost nine hours travel to and from the city) but I dare not complain because the groom is my cousin :). They do have different gifts for principal sponsors (which numbered to 50 plus!!! It was such a big wedding!) Honestly, I can write a lot of comments about that wedding but not now. I do not have the luxury of time now but one thing I really wish was they should have asked help from a professional wedding coordinator. It must have been different and maybe they could have been given some real good advice and tips such as groomsmen gift ideas. Anyways, congratulations to the newly wed and may your married life be blessed ! PS. Right after that wedding we went straight to a nearby river and swam our hearts out! Will post pictures soon!

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  1. That's a long way to a wedding. I hope you enjoyed it very much.

    Have a terrific day. :)