Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My sunsets

I don't know but I am a BIG fan of sunset, I like the serenity it brings..and right now, I wish I am relaxing in a quiet place and staring at the most beautiful sunset in the world ( if there is such one-because I think all sunsets are beautiful!)

Below are all my personal pictures and all of them are special to me. Enjoy my sunsets!

Manila Bay : picture taken while I am on hubby's motorbike (2012)
one of my favorites : sunset in Anawangin -December 2008
Puerto Galera : June 2008
Will add more as soon as I locate more of my sunset photos.


  1. Hi Rocks - I'm out of state and will return home on Saturday. Just wanted you to know why I've not been around.

    Love the shots. Awesome. :)

  2. love sunsets! God made them for us sentis. hehe nice photos rocks!