Monday, May 14, 2012

Dear Nanay

my mom (on white dress ) with her sister
Dear Nanay,

 I actually do not know what to say...I've let this day (mother's day) pass without me talking to you and greeting you personally, I tried calling you this morning but both Tatay and Rachel's phone can not be reached. I'm sorry I did not call again and texted you na lang.

 I was actually touched by Ate Rina's post in her facebook page because what she said was true. The last time I was there, you talked to me and then you cried, I wish I didn't see that, I wish I walked away from you and did not listen but I can't do that, how can I? when you always tell me that it's only me whom you can share your problems (for the reason that It seems I have lesser problem than my siblings and that you don't want to add to their burdens) I so admire your patience, your courage and your love for the family, I know if you did not endure, I might have been in a broken family now. 54 years with Tatay :) you're my hero! I wish we could all have the strength you had and we will all be like you, family comes first before self. And with that, I can proudly say, I have the best mother in the world!

 I pray the Lord will grant you more years here on earth and that you'll be bless with more love and happiness, things that you haven't had the chance to enjoy while you were young because you're so tied up in working to provide for us. I wish I can bring you to restaurants, hotels and other places you'll enjoy because more than anybody else, you deserve it.

 I love you Nay. I love you so much.
 Happy Mother's day!!


 your bunso

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