Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Decorate your own cake and playtime

This girl is my niece and you've probably saw pictures of her in my three blogs. I love to photograph her and she loved to posed that's why :) Anyways, last Sunday afternoon, I brought her to a cake decorating expo to her delight. She dream of becoming a baker someday and she always play cooking and baking most of the time. I know she'll enjoy this activity so off we went.
seriously working on her craft :D
and the outcome which she refuses to eat :)she brought it home for her mom to see
she enjoyed this activity too..color your own cake :D
I so love this girl and only if I'm rich, I'll buy her commercial playground equipment at
because for sure she will enjoy it together with these little ones everyday :)


  1. tata's kids are happy kids. Kobe and Ziah was not just in the mood to smile for the camera:)

  2. hungry na sila :)

  3. She's beautiful too Rocks. Don't forget that part.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. It does seem like Jakob and Ziah are really famished. hahaha.

  5. That activity looks a lot of fun for the kids, Rocks. Have a nice day.