Thursday, December 01, 2011


explains why I haven't posted for the last 11 days. I was busy (not with finding cheap game accessories) but with the wedding preparation which finally happened yesterday. So happy and relieved, now I can move on to other events. December is one of the busiest month ever!

I've got some good news :) several guests at the wedding said that I lost weight! been trying to lessen my carbo intake for a month already and I think that is working! But I'm afraid I will need more discipline this December as it is a feast month considering the many Christmas parties and happenings. Wish me the best!'s the first day of's your Christmas list? 

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  1. I wondered what you were doing that kept you from blogging. Weddings are fun. The weight loss is even better. I've noticed if you stay away from all the finger foods and eat well balanced meals you will make it through December without any problems.

    Have a terrific day. :)