Monday, December 19, 2011

Please Help Sendong victims

I'm purposely not watching news these days because of the recent flash flood that hit the Northern part of Mindanao due to typhoon Sendong last weekend. I am not watching not because I don't want to care but because It will affect me badly I know. Just reading the statistics (dead and missing) makes me cry na and reading tragic stories from my yahoo groups broke my heart so much (a mom lost 3 children, another mom saved her 87 years old mom but realized lost her 10 year old son) all those tragic stories, it stays in my heart and It pained me.

Its 5 days before Christmas and I can't imagine how these families will celebrate.

Please remember these people in your prayer.

And please help them also, Visit Pinay Mommy Online detailed list on where to send your help. Spare some of those blessings you received this Christmas, forgo that cup of coffee and donate bottled water instead, forget that Padron cigars or expensive wine you want to buy as gift to someone and pledge it to help the CDO victims, you'll realize afterwards that you're glad you did that. Nobody has nothing to share. Every peso count and will be of big help for sure.


  1. All the folks affected by this tragedy are in my prayers. Thanks for the links to help.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Thank you Sandee!